How to Lose the Winter Blues

I don’t know how you feel about this but for me, the worst time of the year is not when days are getting shorter but when they’re just starting to get longer again. When the joy of Christmas time is fading again. When New Year resolutions begin to feel like more of a burden than a motivation. When the sky is a kind of mushy gray and temperatures are too high for snow you, however, still need to wear fat winter clothing limiting your ability to move. Work seems harder, it takes effort to concentrate, and gazing out of the window is tangibly dissatisfying.

Now, I must admit I have a hard time convincing myself that reading a book after a more or less frustrating day will lighten my mood. I’d rather lie around all day and watch some edifying but trashy movie or series for the 100th time and wallow in disgruntlement. Disgruntle…a great word, almost onomatopoetic, perfectly fitting the situation. Nevertheless, sinking into discontent is not an option, hence some ideas, some advice for fighting the winter blues.

  1. Getting up early
    The sun might not do it, but I do! Being independent from daylight gives me a feeling of power. Also, I noticed that I get the more unpleasant tasks of the day done more properly and have some spare time for procrastinating with a cup of tea or coffee in-between working sessions.
  2. Sports aka any kind of exercise
    Going hand in hand with my early bird action, I also started going jogging for half an hour every morning. It gets the circulation rolling and afterwards I get to enjoy the graet feeling that I accomplished something already. Took a while getting used to forcing myself out of bed, totally worth it though!
  3. Books I found pleasing
    Since we’re at Lit4School here, some literary recommendations mustn’t be missing.
    I adore famous Paddington bear’s numerous little adventures. Admitting it being more of a children’s book, it nevertheless makes me smile involuntarily.
    Bob: No Ordninary Cat also made me quite happy. James Bowen’s adorable story of how a stray cat gave him the strength to turn his life upside down and inspired him to write this book is amazing.
    Holes was a fascinating novel as well. Not only did Louis Sacher create, what I think is a brilliant omniscent narrator. But he also invented unique characters making up a perfectly round and heartwarming story.
    I’m quite aware of the subjectiveness of this little list and often I am also guilty of being a fair-weather-reader, at least in Winter. When I asked around what books and other media made people happy, many different ideas came up. All time classics Harry Potter, the Percy Jackson series, and The Hunger Games were on the list for nostalgic reasons which I think makes a valid point. And I was told, I shouldn’t leave out all the Disney movies, always useful for a delightful movie night.
  4. Fairylights
    Just because everything is better with fairylights, they chase away the greyness from outside.

What are your favourite books or movies for brightening your day?

I hope you can take something with you from this post if only the knowledge that you are not alone. Have a great day and a big smile!