A Bear Called Paddington



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A Bear Called Paddington
Michael Bond

This illustrated coming-of-age book series is about politeness and friendship. An anthropomorphised bear from Peru is found at Paddington station and taken in by the Brown family. Because his Peruvian name is too hard to pronounce, he is named after the place he was found. Paddington has a liking for marmalade and always carries a sandwich in his hat. He is also very talented for always getting into trouble, mostly due to his clumsiness. As he is very polite, however, he is liked by almost everyone and no one can be angry with him for a long time.

There are 29 books, A Bear Called Paddington only being the first one.

/ · · 1985

Critical edition

Bond, Michael. A Bear Called Paddington. Harper Collins Publ. UK, 2018. 160 pp., ISBN 9780007174164

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