Digital Learning at Leipzig University | Tag der Lehre 2020

Dear users,

This year Leipzig University held its annual “Tag der Lehre” online: On June 24, people could once again explore the highlights of digital teaching and Lit4School was finally part of it. You can find our presentation within Leipzig University’s online documentation of the event – simply scroll down to “Rundgang 2” or directly search for Lit4School after clicking the link. We are especially proud that we can finally present the new design we have been working on and which you can experience shortly.

So stay tuned!

The editors

Adding Films

English · 24 June 2020

Dear users,

After spending more than a year collecting written works for you, we now want to dive into the realm of films with you. Movies and series both have a powerful potential to stimulate your English-learning process. That is why from now on, we will be collecting the most beneficial films we can think of and again ask you for your help: Is there an English-speaking movie which stands out for you? One which kickstarted your English progess? A topic which kept you thinking for days on end? If so, please share your suggestion with us, so that future generations of English learners will have a variety of movies to help them improve.

Have fun exploring!

The editors

Welcome to Lit4School

English · 5 November 2019

Lit4School is a free database for literature and media in the EFL classroom. This open education resource is currently being set up at the Zentrum für Lehrerbildung und Schulforschung at Leipzig University. Over the next couple of weeks and months we will be adding new features, texts and media to offer you the best user experience and support in preparing your classes. Stay tuned!

To help us grow, feel free to share your experiences, feedback and needs with us. If you have any suggestion for a literary text, film or other media, that you already use in the EFL classroom, please contact us.

For now, we hope you enjoy browsing. We wish you lots of new impressions and inspirations in teaching, learning and researching with Lit4School.

The editors