March 22nd: World Water Day

This past year has taught us to value many things we once took for granted. Consequently, it’s only fitting for this year’s World Water Day motto to be “Valuing Water”. Discussions about the value of water can be held with students regardless of age. On the UN Water’s website, you can find resources and information all about the World Water Day, including past themes, an interactive toolkit and guiding questions you can discuss with students. What does water mean to them? How does water or the lack thereof affect their lives? For younger students, the illustrated books Saving Tally and Somebody Swallowed Stanley are a wonderful introduction to environmental pollution, as the stories follow animals trying to navigate their way through an ocean filled with plastic. Older students could benefit from watching The True Cost. This documentary dives into the production of fast fashion and the damage it does to humans and the environment. Did you know that it takes roughly 2700 litres to produce a cotton T-shirt? Perhaps this day can help us value the many ways water sustains us and be extra thankful for that hot shower or dishwasher.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!


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Although current events have put climate change on the back burner, International Environment Day can still help reminding us about the importance of appreciating and saving our planet.

On this occasion share your favorite eco-critical sources, send us your suggestions and take a look at our entry Saving Tally for a heart-warming story about a little turtle that has a run-in with some trash floating in the ocean!

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