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We provide here the current data dictionary and older versions of it, as well.

LIFE Proposal

If you need data from the LIFE Child study for your project, you can apply for them on the basis of a project proposal.

Employees of the LIFE Research Center, its participating institutions and cooperation partners, Leipzig University Medical Center employees and external applicants (persons outside the university, research institutions and industry) are eligible to apply. External applicants can only apply for a project proposal through members of the LIFE Research Center or Leipzig University Medical Center members.

Postgraduate and Master students of the University of Leipzig apply for the project proposal via their supervisor at Leipzig University Medical Center or the LIFE Research Center. For more information, please visit the dissertation page (German language only).

If you have further questions about a project proposal, please contact us: lifechild@medizin.uni-leipzig.de

>> HERE << you will find the application form for a project proposal in .docx format (German language only).

For an overview of which data you can apply for, please use our data dictionary:


Versions of the data dictionary

Overview of references in the childsds R package

For an overview of all references in the childsds R package click here.