Experiment nr. 13

Alpha-Particle Spectroscopy with a Semiconductor Detector

Supervisor: Dr. Jürgen Vogt

The interaction of alpha-particles with gaseous and solid samples is investigated with the help of a multi-channel spectrometer. The alpha-particles are emitted from an americium-241-sample. The experiment introduces the energy spectroscopy on fast ions and there application for the determination of material properties. Helium ions from particle accelerators are used for instance in the Rutherford back-scattering spectroscopy (RBS) which is a very handy tool for analysing solid state thin films and single-crystal samples. The standard freedom of the RBS is due to the ease in modelling the particle behaviour in arbitrary surroundings (this is done on simple examples in the experiment). Besides the safe dealing with radioactive samples maintaining the radiation protection is taught.

The following exercises are to be solved: