Experiment nr. 22

Study of Solid State Surfaces using a Atomic Force Microscope (only in German)

Supervisor: Dr. habil. Michael Lorenz, Wolfram Fritzsche

Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) allows in contradiction to STM the investigation of electrically isolating samples. Furthermore, the lateral and vertical scan range is much larger. In this experiment, several samples with surface structures in the micrometer and nanometer range will be investigated using the AFM instrument Easy Scan in contact mode, for example an integrated memory circuit, a calibration lattice, a CD-ROM, an optical diffraction lattice, and some granular nanocrystalline thin films.
As methodical base, the repulsive and attractive interaction forces for distances in the nm-range will be discussed. Furthermore, the operation principles of a AFM, the influence of the stiffness of the cantilever, and the static and dynamic operation principles contact mode and tapping mode will be presented. For comparison of the lateral resolution, all samples will be investigated by a conventional optical microscope.
The experiment provides an extensive practical impression of the possibilities and limitations of the surface investigation by AFM.