Talks of Stefan Hollands

Here is a list of some selected recent or upcoming talks/lectures:


  • INFN (Frascati) “New Trends in Algebraic Quantum Field Theory 2015” workshop/conference, talk, February
  • Hamburg ZMP Colloquium, January
  • Jena SIFT conference, talk, November
  • KITP (Santa Barbara) workshop, “QGravity15, From UV-IR”, talk, May
  • Fields Institute (Toronto) workshop “Focus Week on Black Hole Stability”, talk, June
  • Varna conference “Lie Theory and its Applications in Physics”, June
  • ESI (Vienna) workshop “Modern Theory of Wave Equations”, talk, September
  • Saalburg Summer School, Lecture course, (Wolfersdorf, FRG), August
  • IHP (Paris) “GR2015 quarter”, talk, September


  • MPI AEI-Golm colloquium, October
  • MPI AEI-Hannover seminar, November
  • “Quantum Mathematical Physics – A Bridge between Mathematics and Physics”, in Regensburg (Germany), September/October
  • XXIII edition of the Fall Workshop on Geometry and Physics, Granada, Spain, September 2-5
  • ESI workshop on “Algebraic Quantum Field Theory: Its status and its future” Erwin Schroedinger Institute (ESI) in Vienna May
  • Workshop “New frontiers in dynamical gravity”, Cambridge March
  • Seminar, Oxford (Dept. of Mathematics): “Operator product expansion algebra”, April
  • Seminar, Nottingham U. (Dept. of Mathematics), April
  • Seminar, Jena U., “Quantum field theory on deSitter spacetime”, January