Members of the Elementary Particle Physics group

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Phone Number
Prof. Dr. Stefan HollandsProfessor209+49 341 97-32422
Prof. Dr. Klaus SiboldProfessor/Emeritus109+49 341 97-32424
Dr. Daniela CadamuroEmmy Noether group leader215a+49 341 97-32460
Dr. Pawel DuchResearch Associate (affiliated from MPI MIS)214b+49 341 97-32428
PD Dr. Roland KirschnerResearch Associate/Emeritus206c+49 341 97-32441
PD Dr. Holger PerltResearch Associate213+49 34197- 32464
PD Dr. Arwed SchillerResearch Associate106+49 341 97-32446
Dr. Jochen ZahnResearch Associate206c+49 341 97-32441
Mojtaba TaslimitehraniPhD Student214b+49 341 97-32428
Vahid ToomaniPhD Student214b+49 341 97-32428
Chris AllenMSc. Student214a
Moritz ThurmairMSc. Student214a
Ludwig HoffmannMSc. Student214a
Dhiraj Kumar DekaB.Sc. Student
Rohan KulkarniB.Sc. Student

Former members

Now at
Marek KozonMSc. Student (Erasmus)August 2018Twente University
Steffen PottelPhD StudentMay 2018Kühne Logistics University Hamburg
Narek PapoyanBSc. StudentApril 2018Leipzig University
Sebastian DrawertMSc. StudentMarch 2018
Frederieke RichertBSc. StudentJanuary 2018Leipzig University
Onirban IslamMSc. StudentDecember 2017University of Leeds
Carlos SerranoBSc. Student (Erasmus)September 2017
En-Hung ChaoResearch internJuly 2017Ecole Polytechnique
Giovanni ColliniPhD StudentDecember 2016
Dr. Ko SandersResearch AssociateNovember 2016Dublin City University
Dr. Markus FröbResearch Associate
April 2016University of York
Dr. Jan HollandResearch Associate
April 2016
Springer Verlag
Dr. Yoshinori Honma
Research Associate
April 2016Meiji Gakuin University
Maximilian SchambachMSc. StudentApril 2016Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)
Tobias JerabekMSc. StudentDecember 2015
Jonathan Wernersson
BSc. Student
December 2015Leipzig University
Mathieu BallandrasResearch internJuly 2015
Thanh-Tri ChauResearch internJuly 2015