Fünf Thesen zum Ausbau der Windenergie

Universität Leipzig vom 04.05.2022

Plädoyer für einheitlicheres Vorgehen beim Ausbau der Windenergie

Universität Leipzig vom 29.01.2019

Nachwuchsgruppe untersucht umweltverträglichen Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien

Universität Leipzig vom 31.08.2017

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Paul Lehmann @pleh_mann
@niklas_gohl: Does the 9-Euro-Ticket reduce air pollution? In our new working paper Philipp Schrauth and I show that the ticket causally reduced a benchmark air pollution index by aprroximately six percent.
Paul Lehmann @pleh_mann
@FunkeFranziska: (1/6) Together with @camjhep, I put together a piece for @ConversationUK on how we can move towards taxing meat (while staying mindful of living costs and the farming community) 👇 @PIK_Climate @TheSmithSchool
Paul Lehmann @pleh_mann
So proud that @janniklasmeier|‘s first dissertation paper has made it into @ResEnergyEcon. Are you interested in coordinating climate and energy policies in federal political systems? Then check out his thread.
Paul Lehmann @pleh_mann
@AKrauland: I'm happy to share a new website to complement my published onshore wind energy atlas for the United States! It can be used interactively to find out how much wind potential your state has and which areas are available for wind turbines. Explore it here:
Paul Lehmann @pleh_mann
@tinaroh: Exklusiv: 29 Euro fürs Regionalticket, 49 Euro fürs Bundesticket – #Grüne legen Konzept vor zur Nachfolge #9-Euro-Ticket 👇