Hauptseminar “Rough Paths & Quantum Fields VI” (12-PHY-MWPHS5)

Joint Hauptseminar Mathematics / Physics, ITP & MPI

Instructors: Prof. B. Gess / Prof. S. Hollands / Prof. F. Otto / Dr. J. Zahn (Summer Semester 2019)

Vorbesprechung/preliminary discussion: 08.04.2019

Time: Monday, 11.00h Location: MPI-MIS (Inselstr. 22) G310

List of talks:

29.4. Tobias Ried, “Entropy decay for the Kac evolution”
6.5. Nicolas Perkowski, “A probabilistic construction of the stochastic Burgers equation”
13.5. Pavlos Tsatsoulis, “On the stochastic quantisation of the Euclidean $\mathcal{P}(\varphi)_2$ quantum field theory”
20.5. Daniela Cadamuro, “Curing the infrared problem in nonrelativistic quantum electrodynamics”
24.6. Stefan Hollands, “The Hamiltonian approach to the $\phi^4_2$ model”

Contact: Prof. Dr. S. Hollands, ITP, Universität Leipzig Brüderstr. 16 Tel. 0341-97-32422

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