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Eliane Blauth, Steffen Grosser, Frank Sauer, Mario Merkel, Hans Kubitschke, Enrico Warmt, Erik W. Morawetz, Philip Friedrich, Benjamin Wolf, Susanne Briest, Grit Gesine Ruth Hiller, Lars-Christian Horn, Bahriye Aktas, Josef A. Käs:
Different contractility modes control cell escape from multicellular spheroids and tumor explants
APL Bioengineering accepted (2024)

Paul Mollenkopf, Dusan Prascevic, Martin Glaser, David M. Smith, Jörg Schnauß:
A Science Friction Story: Molecular Interactions in Semiflexible Polymer Networks
Adv. Mat. Interfaces, 11(5), 2300623 (2024)

Xiaofan Xie, Frank Sauer, Steffen Grosser, Jürgen Lippoldt, Enrico Warmt, Amit Das, Dapeng Bi, Thomas Fuhs, Josef A. Käs:
Effect of Non-linear Strain Stiffening in eDAH and Unjamming
Soft Matter, 20, 1996-2007 (2024)

Anne-Sophie Wegscheider, Irina Wojahn, Pablo Gottheil, Michael Spohn, Josef A. Käs, Olga Rosin, Bernhard Ulm, Peter Nollau, Christoph Wagner, Axel Niendorf, Gerrit Wolters-Eisfeld:
CD301 and LSECtin glycan-binding receptors of innate immune cells serve as prognostic markers and potential predictors of immune response in breast cancer subtypes
Glycobiology, April 1;34(3) (2024)

Dimitrij Tschodu, Jürgen Lippoldt, Pablo Gottheil, Anne-Sophie Wegscheider, Josef A. Käs, Axel Niendorf:
Re-evaluation of publicly available gene-expression databases using machine-learning yields a maximum prognostic power in breast cancer
Scientific Reports 13:16402 (2023)

Thomas Fuhs, Bianca Flachmeyer, Martin Krueger, Alexandra Blietz, Wolfgang Härtig, Dominik Michalski:
Combining atomic force microscopy and fluorescence-based techniques to explore mechanical properties of naive and ischemia-affected brain regions in mice
Scientific Reports, 13:12774 (2023)

Paul Mollenkopf, Dusan Prascevic, Thomas M. Bayerl, Josef A. Käs, Jörg Schnauß:
Heavy water induces bundling in entangled actin networks
RSC Adv., 13, 24795-24800 (2023)

Frank Sauer, Steffen Grosser, Mehrgan Shahryari, Alexander Hayn, Jing Guo, Jürgen Braun, Susanne Briest, Benjamin Wolf, Bahriye Aktas, Lars-Christian Horn, Ingolf Sack, Josef A. Käs:
Changes in Tissue Fluidity Predict Tumor Aggressiveness In Vivo
Adv. Sci. 2303523 (2023)

Pablo Gottheil, Jürgen Lippoldt, Steffen Grosser, Frederic Renner, Mohamad Saibah, Dimitrij Tschodu, Anne-Kathrin Poßöel, Anne-Sophie Wegscheider, Bernhard Ulm, Kay Friedrichs, Christoph Lindner, Christoph Engel, Markus Löffler, Benjamin Wolf, Michael Höckel, Bahriye Aktas, Hans Kubitschke, Axel Niendorf, Josef A. Käs:
State of Cell Unjamming Correlates with Distant Metastasis in Cancer Patients
Phys. Rev. X 13, 031003 (2023)

Hannah Marie Eichholz, Alissa Cornelis, Benjamin Wolf, Hanna Grubitzsch, Philip Friedrich, Ahmad Makky, Bahriye Aktas, Josef A. Käs, Holger Stepan:
Anatomy of the fetal membranes: insights from spinning disk confocal microscopy
Arch Gynecol Obstet (2023)

Martin Glaser, Paul Mollenkopf, Dusan Prascevic, Catarina Ferraz, Josef A. Käs, Jörg Schnauß, David M. Smith:
Systematic altering of semiflexible DNA-based polymer networks via tunable crosslinking
Nanoscale, Advance Article (2023)

Jessica S. Freitag, C. Möser, Robel Belay, Basma Altattan, Nico Grasse, Bhanu Kiran Pothineni, Jörg Schnauß, David M. Smith:
Integration of functional peptides into nucleic acid-based nanostructures
Nanoscale, Advance Article (2023)

Anna S. Morr, Marcin Nowicki, Gergely Bertalan, Rafaela Vieira Silva, Carmen Infante Duarte, Stefan Paul Koch, Philipp Boehm-Sturm, Ute Krügel, Jürgen Braun, Barbara Steiner, Josef A. Käs, Thomas Fuhs, Ingolf Sack:
Mechanical properties of murine hippocampal subregions investigated by atomic force microscopy and in vivo magnetic resonance elastography
Scientific Reports, 12:6723 (2022)

Jan Frenzel, Astrid Kupferer, Mareike Zink, Stefan G. Mayr:
Laminin Adsorption and Adhesion of Neurons and Glial Cells on Carbon Implanted Titania Nanotube Scaffolds for Neural Implant Applications
Nanomaterials, 12(21):3858 (2022)

Thomas Fuhs, Franziska Wetzel, Anatol W. Fritsch, Xinzhi Li, Roland Stange, Steve Pawlizak, Tobias R. Kießling, Erik Morewetz, Steffen Grosser, Frank Sauer, Jürgen Lippoldt, Frederic Renner, Sabrina Friebe, Mareike Zink, Klaus Bendrat, Jürgen Braun, Maja H. Oktay, John Condeelis, Susanne Briest, Benjamin Wolf, Lars-Christian Horn, Michael Höckel, Bahriye Aktas, M. Cristina Marchetti, M. Lisa Manning, Axel Niendorf, Dapeng Bi, Josef Käs:
Rigid tumours contain soft cancer cells
Nature Physics, Sept. (2022)

Jonas Naumann, Nicklas Koppe, Ulrich H. Thome, Mandy Laube, Mareike Zink:
Mechanical properties of the premature lung: From tissue deformation under load to mechanosensitivity of alveolar cells
Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol., 16 September (2022)

Alice Abend, Chelsie Steele, Sabine Schmidt, Ronny Frank, Heinz-Georg Jahnke, Mareike Zink:
Neuronal and glial cell co-culture organization and impedance spectroscopy on nanocolumnar TiN films for lab-on-a-chip devices
Biomaterials Sciences, 10:5719 - 5730 (2022)

Friedrich Fabian Spukti, Jörg Schnauß:
Large and stable: actin aster networks formed via entropic forces
Front. Chem. 10:899478 (2022)

Henrike Herzog, Senol Dogan, Bahriye Aktas, Ivonne Nel:
Targeted Sequencing of Plasma-Derived vs. Urinary cfDNA from Patients with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
Cancers 14(17):4101 (2022)

Federico Sala, Carlotta Ficorella, Roberto Osellame, Josef A. Käs, Rebeca Martinez Vázquez:
Microfluidic Lab-on-a-Chip for Studies of Cell Migration under Spatial Confinement
Biosensors 12(8) 604 (2022)

Senol Dogan, Emrulla Spahiu, Anis Cilic:
Structural Analysis of microRNAs in Myeloid Cancer Reveals Consensus Motifs
Genes (13) 7, 1152 (2022)

Tina Händler, Cary Tutmarc, Jessica S. Freitag, David M. Smith, Jörg Schnauß:
Constraint Release for Reptating Filaments in Semiflexible Networks Depends on Background Fluctuations
Polymers 2022, 14(4), 707

Dimitrij Tschodu, Bernhard Ulm, Klaus Bendrat, Jürgen Lippoldt, Pablo Gottheil, Josef A. Käs, Axel Niendorf:
Comparative analysis of molecular signatures reveals a hybrid approach in breast cancer: Combining the Nottingham Prognostic Index with gene expressions into a hybrid signature
PLoS ONE 17(2): e0261035

Iman Elbalasy, Nils Wilharm, Eric Herchenhahn, Robert Konieczny, Stefan G. Mayr, Jörg Schnauß:
From Strain Stiffening to Softening-Rheological Characterization of Keratins 8 and 18 Networks Crosslinked via Electron Irradiation
Polymers 2022, 14(3), 614

Frank Sauer, Anatol Fritsch, Steffen Grosser, Steve Pawlizak, Tobias Kießling, Martin Reiss-Zimmermann, Mehrgan Shahryari, Wolf C. Müller, Karl-Titus Hoffmann, Josef A. Käs, Ingolf Sack:
Whole tissue and single cell mechanics are correlated in human brain tumors
Soft Matter, 17, 10744 - 10752 (2021)

Enrico Warmt, Steffen Grosser, Eliane Blauth, Xiaofan Xie, Roland Stange, Janina Tomm, Frank Sauer, Jörg Schnauß, Martin von Bergen, Josef A. Käs:
Differences in cortical contractility between healthy epithelial and cancerous mesenchymal breast cells
New Journal of Physics, 23, 103020 (2021)

Eliane Blauth, Hans Kubitschke, Pablo Gottheil, Steffen Grosser, Josef A. Käs:
Jamming in Embryogenesis and Cancer Progression
Frontiers in Physics, 17 August (2021)

Janina Burk, Michaela Melzer, Alina Hagen, Katrin Susanne Lips, Katja Trinkaus, Ariane Nimptsch, Jenny Leopold:
Phospholipid Profiles for Phenotypic Characterization of Adipose-Derived Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cells
Front. Cell Dev. Biol. 9:784405 (2021)

Carlotta Ficorella, Hannah Marie Eichholz, Federico Sala, Rebeca Martinez Vázquez, Roberto Osellame, Josef A. Käs:
Intermediate filaments ensure resiliency of single carcinoma cells, while active contractility of the actin cortex determines their invasive potential
New Journal of Physics, 23, 083028 (2021)

Alice Abend, Chelsie Steele, Heinz-Georg Jahnke, Mareike Zink:
Adhesion of Neurons and Glial Cells with Nanocolumnar TiNFilms for Brain-Machine Interfaces
Int. Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22, 8588 (2021)

Daniel T. Hoffmann, Johannes Dietrich, Stefan Mändl, Mareike Zink, Stefan G. Mayr:
Nanoporous Morphogenesis in Amorphous Carbon Layers: Experiments and Modeling on Energetic Ion Induced Self-Organization
Advanced Theory and Simulation 2100093 (2021)

Jörg Schnauß, Tom Kunschmann, Steffen Grosser, Paul Mollenkopf, Tobias Zech, Jessica S. Freitag, Dusan Prascevic, Roland Stange, Luisa S. Röttger, Susanne Rönicke, David M. Smith, Thomas M. Bayerl, Josef A. Käs:
Cells in Slow Motion: Apparent Undercooling Increases Glassy Behavior at Physiological Temperatures
Advanced Materials 2101840 (2021)

Tina Händler, Cary Tutmarc, Martin Glaser, Jessica S. Freitag, David M. Smith, Jörg Schnauß:
Measuring structural parameters of crosslinked and entangled semiflexible polymer networks with single-filament tracing
Physical Review E, 103, 062501 (2021)

Federico Sala, Carlotta Ficorella, Rebeca Martinez Vázquez, Hannah Marie Eichholz, Josef A. Käs, Roberto Osellame:
Rapid Prototyping of 3D Biochips for Cell Motility Studies Using Two-Photon Polymerization
Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol. 13 April (2021)

Bianca Mages, Thomas Fuhs, Susanne Aleithe, Alexandra Blietz, Constance Hobusch, Wolfgang Härtig, Stefan Schob, Martin Krueger, Dominik Michalski:
The Cytoskeletal Elements MAP2 and NF-L Show Substantial Alterations in Different Stroke Models While Elevated Serum Levels Highlight Especially MAP2 as a Sensitive Biomarker in Stroke Patients
Mol Neurobiol, 58, 4051 - 4069 (2021)

Paul Heine, Jürgen Lippoldt, Gudur Ashrith Reddy, Parag Katira, Josef A. Käs:
Anomalous cell sorting behavior in mixed monolayers discloses hidden system complexities
New Journal of Physics, 23, 043034 (2021)

Ivonne Nel, Erik W. Morawetz, Dimitrij Tschodu, Josef A. Käs, Bahriye Aktas:
The Mechanical Fingerprint of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) in Breast Cancer Patients
Cancers, 13 (5), 1119 (2021)

Iman Elbalasy, Paul Mollenkopf, Cary Tutmarc, Harald Herrmann, Jörg Schnauß
Keratins determine network stress responsiveness in reconstituted actin-keratin filament systems
Soft Matter, 17, 3954 - 3962 (2021)

Steffen Grosser, Jürgen Lippoldt, Linda Oswald, Matthias Merkel, Daniel M. Sussman, Frederic Renner, Pablo Gottheil, Erik W. Morawetz, Thomas Fuhs, Xiaofan Xie, Steve Pawlizak, Anatol W. Fritsch, Benjamin Wolf, Lars-Christian Horn, Susanne Briest, Bahriye Aktas, M. Lisa Manning, Josef A. Käs
Cell and Nucleus Shape as an Indicator of Tissue Fluidity in Carcinoma
Physical Review X, 11, 011033 (2021)

Sheilan Sinjari, Jessica S. Freitag, Christoph Herold, Oliver Otto, David M. Smith, Harald D. H. Stöver:
Tunable polymer microgel particles and their study using microscopy and real-time deformability cytometry
Journal of Polymer Sciences, vol. 58, iss. 17, p. 2317 - 2326 (2020)

Mesut Karatas, Senol Dogan, Emrulla Spahiu, Adna Asic, Larisa Besic, Yusuf Turan:
Enzyme kinetics and inhibition parameters of human leukocyte glucosylceramidase
Heliyon, vol. 6, iss. 11, e05191 (2020)

Alice Abend, Chelsie Steele, Sabine Schmidt, Ronny Frank, Heinz-Georg Jahnke, Mareike Zink:
Proliferation and Cluster Analysis of Neurons and Glial Cell Organization on Nanocolumnar TiN Substrates
Int. Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 21, iss. 17 (2020)

Olga Ilina, Pavlo G. Gritsenko, Simon Syga, Jürgen Lippoldt, Caterina A. M. La Porta, Oleksandr Chepizhko, Steffen Grosser, Manon Vullings, Gert-Jan Bakker, Jörn Starruβ, Peter Bult, Stefano Zapperi, Josef A. Käs, Andreas Deutsch, Peter Friedl:
Cell-Cell Adhesion and 3D Matrix Confinement Determine Jamming Transitions in Breast Cancer Invasion
Nature Cell Biology, August, 1-13 (2020)

Kantida Juncheed, Bernd Kohlstrunk, Sabrina Friebe, Valentina Dallacasagrande, Patric Maurer, Andreas Reichenbach, Stefan G. Mayr, Mareike Zink:
Employing Nanostructured Scaffolds to Investigate the Mechanical Properties of Adult Mammalian Retinae Under Tension
Int. Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 21, iss. 11 (2020)

Stefano Siccardi, Andrew Adamatzky, Jack Tuszyński, Florian Huber, Jörg Schnauß:
Actin networks voltage circuits
Physical Review E 101, 052314 (2020)

Paul Van Liedekerke, Johannes Neitsch, Tim Johann, Enrico Warmt, Ismael Gonzales Valverde, Steffen Grosser, Stefan Hoehme, Josef Käs, Dirk Drasdo:
A quantitative high-resolution computational mechanics cell model for growing and regenerating tissues
Biomechanics and Modelling in Mechanobiology, 19, 189 - 220 (2020)

Jörg Schnauß, B. U. Sebastian Schmidt, Christina B. Brazel, Senol Dogan, Wolfgang Losert, Ulf Anderegg, Josef A. Käs:
Influence of Hyaluronic Acid Binding on the Actin Cortex measured by Optical Forces
Journal of Biophotonics, e201960215 (2020)

Senol Dogan:
Genomic Characterization of Mixed Lineage Leukemias
WCRJ 7, e1516 (2020)

Yang Shen, B. U. Sebastian Schmidt, Hans Kubitschke, Erik W. Morawetz, Benjamin Wolf, Josef A. Käs, Wolfgang Losert:
Detecting heterogeneity in and between breast cancer cell lines
Cancer Convergence 4, Article number: 1 (2020)

Kaspar-Josche Streitberger, Ledia Lilaj, Felix Schrank, Jürgen Braun, Karl-Titus Hoffmann, Martin Reiss-Zimmermann, Josef A. Käs, Ingolf Sack:
How tissue fluidity influences brain tumor progression
PNAS January 7, 2020 117 (1) 128-134

Senol Dogan, Emrulla Spahiu:
Engaging Students in Science Using Project Olympiads: A case study in Bosnia and Herzegovina
J. of Res. in Sci. Math. and Tech. Edu. (2020)

Jörg Schnauß:
Audience Response Systeme und Online Self-Assessments zur Aktivierung und Evaluationdes Plenums
Jahrgang 2020, Seiten 53-57, ISSN: 2195-0334

Nils Wilharm, Tony Fischer, Florian Ott, Robert Konieczny, Mareike Zink, Annette G. Beck-Sickinger, Stefan G. Mayr:
Energetic electron assisted synthesis of highly tunable temperature-responsive collagen/elastin gels for cyclic actuation: macroscopic switching and molecular origins
Scientific Reports 9, Article number: 12363 (2019)

Andrew Adamatzky, Jörg Schnauß, Florian Huber:
Actin droplet machine
Royal Society Open Science 6:191135 (2019)

Andrew Adamatzky, Florian Huber, Jörg Schnauß:
Computing on actin bundles network
Scientific Reports 9, Article number: 15887 (2019)

Mehrgan Shahryari, Heiko Tzschätzsch, Jing Guo, Stephan R. Marticorena Garcia, Georg Böning, Uli Fehrenbach, Lisa Stencel, Patrick Asbach, Bernd Hamm, Josef A. Käs, Jürgen Braun, Timm Denecke, Ingolf Sack:
Tomoelastography Distinguishes Noninvasively between Benign and Malignant Liver Lesions
Cancer Research vol. 79 iss. 22 (2019)

Emir Sehovic, Adem Hadrovic, Senol Dogan:
Detection and analysis of stable and flexible genes towards a genome signature framework in cancer
Bioinformation 15(10): 772 - 779 (2019)

Charlotte Kielar, Yang Xin, Xiaodan Xu, Sigi Zhu, Nelli Gorin, Guido Grundmeier, Christin Möser, David M. Smith, Adrian Keller:
Effect of Staple Age on DNA Origami Nanostructure Assembly and Stability
Molecules 24 (14):2577 (2019)

Hans Kubitschke, Benjamin Wolf, Erik Morawetz, Lars-Christian Horn, Bahriye Aktas, Ulrich Behn, Michael Höckel, Josef Käs:
Roadmap to Local Tumour Growth: Insights from Cervical Cancer
Scientific Reports 9, Article number: 12768 (2019)

Carlotta Ficorella, Rebeca Martinez Vàzques, Paul Heine, Eugenia Lepera, Jing Cao, Enrico Warmt, Roberto Osellame, Josef Käs:
Normal epithelial and triple-negative breast cancer cells show the same invasion potential in rigid spatial confinement
New Journal of Physics, 21 (2019)

Tom Golde, Martin Glaser, Cary Tutmarc, Iman Elbalasy, Constantin Huster, Gaizka Busteros, David M. Smith, Harald Herrmann, Josef A. Käs, Jörg Schnauß:
The role of stickiness in the rheology of semiflexible polymers
Soft Matter, 15 (2019) 4865-4872

Frank Sauer, Linda Oswald, Angela Ariza de Schellenberger, Heiko Tzschätzsch, Felix Schrank, Tony Fischer, Jürgen Braun, Claudia T. Mierke, Rustem Valiullin, Ingolf Sack, Josef A. Käs:
Collagen networks determine viscoelastic properties of connective tissues yet do not hinder diffusion of the aqueous solvent
Soft Matter, 15 (2019) 3055-3064

Stefanie Riedel, Philine Hietschold, Catharina Krömmelbein, Tom Kunschmann, Robert Konieczny, Wolfgang Knolle, Claudia T. Mierke, Mareike Zink, Stefan G. Mayr:
Design of biomimetic collagen matrices by reagent-free electron beam induced crosslinking: Structure-property relationships and cellular response
Materials and Design, 168 (2019) 107606

Astrid Weidt, Stefan G. Mayr, Mareike Zink:
Influence of Topological Cues on Fibronectin Adsorption and Contact Guidance of Fibroblasts on Microgrooved Titanium
ACS Appl. Bio Mater.,  (2019) 2,3, 1066-1077

Claudia T. Mierke, Frank Sauer, Steffen Grosser, Stefanie Puder, Tony Fischer, Josef A. Käs:
The two faces of enhanced stroma: Stroma acts as a tumor promoter and a steric obstacle
NMR Biomed.,  vol. 10, e3831 (2018)

Tom Golde, Constantin Huster, Martin Glaser, Tina Händler, Harald Herrmann, Josef A. Käs and Jörg Schnauß:
Glassy dynamics in composite biopolymer networks
Soft Matter,  vol. 14, 7970-7978 (2018)

Mehmet Volkan Cakir, Uta Allenstein, Mareike Zink, Stefan G. Mayr:
Early adhesion of cells to ferromagnetic shape memory alloys functionalized with plasma assembled biomolecules - a single cell force spectroscopy study
Materials & Design, vol. 158, 19-27  (2018)

Felix Meinhövel, Roland Stange, Jörg Schnauß, Michael Sauer, Josef A. Käs, Torsten W. Remmerbach:
Changing cell mechanics - a precondition for malignant transformation of oral squamous carcinoma cells
Convergent Science Physical Oncology, vol. 4, 034001  (2018)

Jessica Lorenz, Jörg Schnauß, Martin Glaser, Martin Sajfutdinow, Carsten Schuldt, Josef A. Käs, David M. Smith:
Synthetic Transient Crosslinks Program the Mechanics of Soft, Biopolymer-Based Materials
Advanced Materials 1706092  (2018)

Christin Möser, Jessica S. Lorenz, Martin Sajfutdinow, David M. Smith:
Pinpointed Stimulation of EphA2 Receptors via DNA-Templated Oligovalence
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 19 (11), 3482  (2018)

Martin Sajfutdinow, William M. Jacobs, Aleks Reinhardt, Christoph Schneider, David M. Smith:
Direct observation and rational design of nucleation behavior in addressable self-assembly
PNAS June 26, 115 (26) E5877-E5886  (2018)

Megan C. Engel, David M. Smith, Markus A. Jobst, Martin Sajfutdinow, Tim Liedl, Flavio Romano, Lorenzo Rovigatti, Ard A. Louis, Jonathan P. K. Doye:
Force-Induced Unravelling of DNA Origami
ACS Nano 12(7), 6734-6747  (2018)

Dan Strehle, Paul Mollenkopf, Martin Glaser, Tom Golde, Carsten Schuldt, Josef A. Käs, Jörg Schnauß:
Single Actin Bundle Rheology
Molecules, Volume 22, 1804  (2017)

Jörg Schnauß, Martin Glaser, Jessica S. Lorenz, Carsten Schuldt, Christin Möser, Martin Sajfutinow, Tina Händler, Josef A. Käs, David M. Smith:
DNA Nanotubes as a Versatile Tool to Study Semiflexible Polymers
Journal of Visualized Experiments, 56056  (2017)

Linda Oswald, Steffen Grosser, David M. Smith, J Käs:
Jamming transitions in cancer
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Volume 50, 483001  (2017)

Hans Kubitschke, Jörg Schnauß, K. David Nnetu, Enrico Warmt, Roland Stange, Josef A. Käs:
Actin and microtubule networks contribute differently to cell response for small and large strains
New Journal of Physics, Volume 19, 093003  (2017)

Erik W. Morawetz, Roland Stange, Tobias R. Kießling, Jörg Schnauß, Josef A Käs:
Optical stretching in continuous flows
Convergent Science Physical Oncology, Volume 3, Number 2, 024004  (2017)

Frieda Kage, Moritz Winterhoff, Vanessa Dimchev, Jan Mueller, Tobias Thalheim, Anika Freise, Stefan Brühmann, Jana Kollasser, Jennifer Block, Georgi Dimchev, Matthias Geyer, Hans-Joachim Schnittler, Cord Brakebusch, Theresia E. B. Stradal, Marie-France Carlier, Michael Sixt, Josef Käs, Jan Faix, Klemens Rottner:
FMNL formins boost lamellipodial force generation
Nature Communications, Volume 8, 14832 (2017)

Sonja Kallendrusch, Felicitas Merz, Ingo Bechmann, Stefan G. Mayr, Mareike Zink:
Long-Term Tissue Culture of Adult Brain and Spleen Slices on Nanostructured Scaffolds
Advances Healthcare Materials, Volume 6, Issue 9, 1601336 (2017)

Benedikt Heyart, Astrid Weidt, Emilia I. Wisotzki, Mareike Zink, Stefan G. Mayr:
Micropatterning of reagent-free high energy crosslinked gelatin hydrogels for bioapplications
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research B: Applied Biomaterials, published online before print (2017) 

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Tuning synthetic semiflexible networks by bending stiffness
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Semiflexible biopolymers in bundled arrangements
Polymers, Volume 8, Issue 8, 274 (2016)

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Self-assembly of hierarchically ordered structures in DNA nanotube systems
New Journal of Physics, Volume 18, Issue 5, 055001 (2016)

Jörg Schnauß, Tom Golde, Carsten Schuldt, B. U. Sebastian Schmidt, Martin Glaser, Dan Strehle, Tina Händler, Claus Heussinger, Josef A. Käs:
Transition from a linear to a harmonic potential in collective dynamics of a multifilament actin bundle
Physical Review Letters, Volume 116, Issue 10, 108102 (2016)

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Cellular response to reagent-free electron-irradiated gelatin hydrogels 
Macromolecular Bioscience, Volume 16, Issue 6, Pages 914-924 (2016)

S. Mayazur Rahman, Andreas Reichenbach, Mareike Zink, Stefan G. Mayr:
Mechanical spectroscopy of retina explants at the protein level employing nanostructured scaffolds
Soft Matter, Volume 12, Issue 14, Pages 3431-3441 (2016)

Jörg Schnauß, Martin Glaser, Carsten Schuldt, Tom Golde, Tina Händler, Sebastian Schmidt, Stefan Diez, Josef Käs:
Motor-free force generation in biological systems
diffusion-fundamentals.org, Volume 23, Issue 5, Pages 1-15 (2015)

Steve Pawlizak, Anatol W. Fritsch, Steffen Grosser, Dave Ahrens, Tobias Thalheim, Stefanie Riedel, Tobias R. Kießling, Linda Oswald, Mareike Zink, M. Lisa Manning, Josef A. Käs:
Testing the differential adhesion hypothesis across the epithelial-mesenchymal transition
New Journal of Physics, Volume 17, Issue 8, 083049 (2015)

Paul Heine, Allen Ehrlicher, Josef Käs:
Neuronal and metastatic cancer cells: Unlike brothers
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Molecular Cell Research, Volume 1853, Issue 11, Part B, Pages 3126-3131 (2015)

Chris Händel, Sebastian Schmidt, Jürgen Schiller, Undine Dietrich, Till Möhn, Tobias Kießling, Steve Pawlizak, Anatol Fritsch, Lars-Christian Horn, Susanne Briest, Michael Höckel, Mareike Zink, Josef Käs:
Cell membrane softening in human breast and cervical cancer cells
New Journal of Physics, Volume 17, Issue 8, 083008 (2015)

Simone Braig, Sebastian U. Schmidt, Katharina Ferkaljuk, Chris Händel, Till Möhn, Oliver Werz, Rolf Müller, Stefan Zahler, Andreas Koeberle, Josef A. Käs, Angelika M. Vollmar:
Pharmacological targeting of membrane rigidity: Implications on cancer cell migration and invasion
New Journal of Physics, Volume 17, Issue 8, 083007 (2015)

Uta Allenstein, Susanne Selle, Meike Tadsen, Christian Patzig, Thomas Höche, Mareike Zink, Stefan G. Mayr:
Coupling of Metals and Biominerals: Characterizing the Interface between Ferromagnetic Shape-Memory Alloys and Hydroxyapatite
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Volume 7, Issue 28, Pages 15331-15338 (2015)

Sebastian B. Schmidt, Tobias R. Kießling, Enrico Warmt, Anatol W. Fritsch, Roland Stange, Josef Käs:
Complex thermorheology of living cells
New Journal of Physics, Volume 17, 073010 (2015)

D. Michalski, W. Härtig, M. Krueger, C. Hobohm, J. A. Käs, T. Fuhs:
A novel approach for mechanical tissue characterization indicates decreased elastic strength in brain areas affected by experimental thromboembolic stroke
Neuroreport, Volume 26, Issue 10, Pages 583-587 (2015)

U. Allenstein, S. G. Mayr, M. Zink:
Contractile cell forces deform macroscopic cantilevers and quantify biomaterial performance
Soft Matter, Volume 11, Issue 25, Pages 5053-5059 (2015)

Florian Huber, Dan Strehle, Jörg Schnauß, Josef Käs:
Formation of regularly spaced networks as a general feature of actin bundle condensation by entropic forces 
New Journal of Physics, Volume 17, 043029 (2015)

Alba C. De Luca, Mareike Zink, Astrid Weidt, Stefan G. Mayr, Athina E. Markaki:
Effect of microgrooved surface topography on osteoblast maturation and protein adsorption
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, Volume 103, Issue 8, 2689-2700 (2015)

Steffen Grosser, Anatol W. Fritsch, Tobias R. Kießling, Roland Stange, Josef A. Käs:
The lensing effect of trapped particles in a dual-beam optical trap
Optics Express, Volume 23, Issue 4, Pages 5221-5235 (2015)

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Interfacing hard and living matter: plasma-assembled proteins on inorganic functional materials for enhanced coupling to cells and tissue 
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