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Arrival by Airplane at Leipzig-Halle airport

After your arrival with airplane at Leipzig-Halle airport, go to the airport train service and take the express train (called "FlughafenExpress") to the city center of Leipzig. There are two stops, one at the big exhibition hall ("Neuwiederitzsch / Neue Messe") and the other (yours!) in the city center at the main train station ("Leipzig Hbf - Hauptbahnhof"), which will be reached after about 15 min.

Arrival by Train at Leipzig main station

Outside the main train station of Leipzig ("Leipzig Hbf - Hauptbahnhof"), there is a major tram stop. You can buy a ticket for Leipzig (zone 110) for 2,60 EUR at an automat, take tram no. 16 and travel five stops in direction "Lößnig". (With the main train station in your back, the proper direction of the tram is to your left.) After an 10 minutes ride, you will arrive at your target stop "Johannisallee" in front of the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy, see our city map. General information on the Leipzig public transportation system and schedules of tram and bus lines can be found at www.lvb.de.

Walk from the tram stop through the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy and the student dormitory. Your target, the building of the Institute for Experimental Physics I, is situated on the other side of the small campus, see map below.

Arrival by Car

You can reach Leipzig by car via autobahn A9 (Berlin - Nürnberg) or A14 (Halle - Dresden). Look at our city map to find your way into the Linnéstraße 5, where the Institute for Experimental Physics I (Faculty of Physics and Earth Science) is situated. You may also look up the Linnéstraße 5 in Google Maps.

City Map of Leipzig Tram no. 16 arrives at the Johannisallee. Click on the picture to show a larger city map of Leipzig.
Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy
(Johannisallee 29)
Faculty of Physics and Earth Science
Institute for Experimental Physics I & II
(Linnéstraße 5)
(Linnéstraße 3)
Botanical Garden
(Linnéstraße 1)

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