Digital MultiplEE workshop on the spatial deployment of renewable energies

It would have been nice to host our scientific workshop live here in Leipzig as well as to welcome all participants in person; still, we were very satisfied with the interest and participation in our digital event. With this workshop, we intended to take a closer look at impacts, trade-offs and policy instruments of renewable energies which are important in spatial governance. In particular, it was important to us to present our own research results and the current state of research as well as to learn more about the research approaches of other scientists. The program therefore consisted on the one hand of smaller, interactive sessions in which participants worked together on proposed topics and on the other, open formats that offered external interested persons the opportunity to listen to keynotes and participate in ensuing discussions, as well as to inform themselves about and discuss the workshops participants current publications.

We would like to thank everyone whose contribution made our conference a thoroughly successful event for us. Special thanks go to the keynote speakers Rainer Baake, Brett Day, Christina von Haaren and Gundula Hübner as well as the facilitator Jennifer Hauck from CoKnow Consulting.