Charlotte Geiger, M.Sc.

Research associate


since 2017Research associate of the Junior Research Group "Sustainable Deployment of Renewable Energies with Multiple Environmental Impacts - Policy Strategies to mitigate Ecological Trade-offs of the Energy Transition", University Leipzig (Germany)
2017Internship at the German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH (GIZ) in the “International Water Stewardship Program – IWaSP“, division Supraregional and Horn of Africa, group Economy and Social Development
2013-2016Master’s degree program: Economics and Public Policy (M.Sc.), University Augsburg (Germany), Thesis: "The Economics of Scarce Water Resources – Analysis of Various Management Systems applied to selected Developing Countries“
2009-2013Bachelor’s degree program: Economics (B.Sc.), University Augsburg (Germany) and Universidad de Cádiz (Spain), Thesis: "Does Resource Abundance lead to Wealth? An Economic Analysis of the Resource Curse applied to selected Countries"

Research Interests

  • Environmental and Resource Economics, Energy Economics
  • Renewable Energy Policy