MultiplEE team holds virtual advisory board meeting

Also this year we exchanged views with our project advisory board, which consists of representatives from companies, science, specialist agencies, environmental and planning authorities. Together we looked back on the past MultiplEE year and reported on our work and the general progress of the project. In addition, some of the members of the advisory board took the opportunity to present their work in order to enter into a practical exchange.

The meeting focused on the question of how the expansion of wind energy in Germany and the associated regional costs and benefits could be distributed fairly among the German states (interregional distributive justice). We were particularly interested in which criteria and concepts should be considered from a practical as well as a scientific perspective.

This preliminary conclusion describes the main results of the discussion:

  1. Questions of interregional distributive justice in the expansion of wind energy are becoming more and more important politically (e.g. for the determination of state-specific contributions)
  2. However, interregional distributive justice can be understood quite differently

Many thanks to Jennifer Hauck of CoKnow Consulting for the moderation and to all others for their participation!