MultiplEE team invites to final advisory board meeting in Leipzig

Beirat und Forschungsteam der Nachwuchsforschungsgruppe MultiplEE
Advisory board and researchers of the  junior research group MultiplEE

The MultiplEE research group is supported by a practical advisory board consisting of representatives from companies, science, expert agencies, environmental and planning authorities. Recently, the last meeting of the advisory board took place within the context of the research project.

In addition to the latest research results of the MultiplEE team, the focus of the meeting was on the discussion of recently passed reforms concerning the expansion of onshore wind energy. For this purpose, the advisory board and the research group provided impulses on the new Onshore Wind Power Legislation and the reformed Federal Nature Conservation Act. Subsequently, the reforms were critically discussed from a scientific and practical perspective and approaches for further research and political options for action were outlined. At the end of the meeting, the MultiplEE team and the advisory board jointly reflected on the successful transdisciplinary cooperation of the past five years.

Read more: Reutter et al. (2022): Land Area Targets for Wind Energy: How Promising Is the New Onshore Wind Power Legislation? (in German)