P3: Dynamics of DNA Chains under Tension and in Confinement

The internal dynamics of semi-flexible chains in response to external forces and constrictions is a central problem in several active fields of current research ranging from biology to soft condensed matter and polymer physics. In this highly interdisciplinary research project, which combines methods from biochemistry, experimental biophysics, and theoretical polymer physics, three groups have joined forces to combine their expertise in mechanical micro-manipulations of single DNA molecules and DNA-protein complexes, force measurements with optical tweezers, innovative DNA- nanoconstriction techniques, and in the theory of non-equilibrium tension propagation and nonlinear dynamics of semi-flexible polymers. Experiments will be designed to elucidate unresolved theoretical questions and the analytical and numerical work will be dedicated to the interpretation of the planned experiments. We thereby aim to generate genuinely new and profound insights into the dynamics of single DNA molecules exposed to various well-controlled constrictions and confinements, which could impossibly be reached by either of the involved methods alone.

Project Leaders

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kremer
Universität Leipzig
Institute for Experimental Physics I



Prof. Dr. Klaus Kroy
Universität Leipzig
Institute of Theoretical Physics

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