P8: Particle Dynamics in Nano-Structured Channels

The present project will be concerned with the experimental study of various aspects of molecular dynamics under artificially designed nano-confinements with complex controlled geometries using the PFG NMR method and their further theoretical quantification. These studies will mainly be focused on elucidating the changes in the elementary mechanisms of microscopic dynamics due to a superimposed confinement of a predefined geometry leading to transient and anomalous patterns in the molecular propagation under equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions. In particular, dynamics of both chain and spherical-like molecules in channels of comparable diameters and modulated pore morphology will be investigated. In this way, non-Fickian local dynamics emerging from transient single-file to free diffusion and from complex hydrodynamic effects will be studied. In order to complement single-molecule tracking studies, the following problems will also be addressed with the aid of the NMR technique: (i) internal dynamics of semiconfined (grafted) polymer molecules; (ii) diffusion in controlled inhomogeneous landscapes; (iii) anomalous patterns in sequential 2D-3D diffusion processes.

Project Leaders

Prof. Dr. Wolfhard Janke
Universität Leipzig
Institute for Theoretical Physics



Dr. Rustem Valiullin
Universität Leipzig
Institute for Experimental Physics I

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