Webinar on June 16, 2021, 3:45 pm UTC+2

Development of Multi-Color Multi-Modal Microscopy

I am going to talk in the following way.
1. Multi-modal imaging including photothermal microscope
2. Super resolution
3. High sensitivity
4. Example of multi-modal imaging of mouse brain
5. Stimulated Emission Microscopy (SEIG)
6. Microscope image analysis using GLCM (grey-level co-occurrence matrix)
7. Statistical analysis using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve (ROCC) especially targeting to searching good parameters for the identification of melanoma and benign nevus cells
8. Summary
My talk is based on the photothermal effects on cells to be studied for medical especially pathological and biological applications. In case of melanoma, there is a serious difficulty in the identification and decision of area size of malignant melanoma. Histopathologic inspection is not possible because of the danger of the cancer area expansion upon surgical removal. In our study we have succeeded in high-resolution 3D imaging of skin cancer, reliable diagnosis of skin cancer may become possible by our method. We also studied the multimodal optical imaging of pathological processes. We found morphological change and change from astrocytes to reactive astroglia near the area of brain suffered from injury, infection, ischemia, and degenerative disease of neuron.