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Johannes Mülmenstädt

Climate Dynamics 2018

Course Information


J. Mülmenstädt (Lectures)
J. Kretzschmar (Exercises)


Radiation and greenhouse effect; dynamics and general circulation of oceans and atmosphere; internal variability; forcing and feedbacks; anthropogenic climate change


11 April–11 July 2018


Wednesdays 10:00—11:30
Seminarraum, vor dem Hospitaltore


Wednesdays 11:15—13:45
CIP-Pool (start 18 April)


Oral (30 min.), dates to be announced


Peixoto and Oort (1991): Physics of Climate
Hartmann (1994): Global Physical Climatology
Stewart (2005): Introduction to Physical Oceanography (open-source textbook)


Course announcement and syllabus


Final exams will take place on Thu 12 July. Please contact me if you do not have a time slot.


Date &

Lecture Slides

11 April


18 April


25 April

Atmosphere I (review), Atmosphere II

2 May

General circulation of the atmosphere, bonus: Lorenz cycle

9 May

General circulation of the oceans I
Supplement: Robert Stewart's Introduction to Physical Oceanography

16 May

General circulation of the oceans II, Lithosphere, biosphere, cryosphere
Supplement: Kuhlbrodt et al. (2007) on the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, UNEP Global Outlook for Ice and Snow, National Snow and Ice Data Center, IPCC AR5

23 May

Internal variability; example: ENSO
Supplement: COMET module on tropical dynamics

30 May

Forcing and feedbacks in the climate system
Supplements: Bony and Stevens (unpublished), Notes by Karo Block on estimation of feedback strengths

6 June

Robust projections of climate change
Supplement: Held and Soden (2006), Allen and Ingram (2002), Andrews et al. (2009)

20 June

Uncertainties in climate projections due to clouds and aerosol
Supplements: Bretherton (2015), Mülmenstädt and Feingold (2018)

27 June

Arctic amplification (guest lecture by Jan Kretzschmar)

4 July

Attribution of climate change to anthropogenic activities

11 July

Social aspects of climate change


Due date &


25 April

HW 1

2 May

HW 2

9 May

HW 3

16 May

HW 4

23 May

HW 5
Supplement: Wild et al. (2013), Trenberth and Caron (2001)

30 May

HW 6

6 June

HW 7

11 July

HW 8
Supplement: Kravitz et al. (2011) for experiment description