Publications 2013

D. Kondrashova, R. Valiullin
Improving structural analysis of disordered mesoporous materials using NMR cryoporometry
Microporous Mesoporous Mat. 178, 15–19 (2013)

T. Golde, C. Schuldt, J. Schnauß, D. Strehle, M. Glaser, J. Käs
Fluorescent beads disintegrate actin networks
Phys. Rev. E 88, 044601 (2013)

L. Woiterski, T. Claudepierre, R. Luxenhofer, R. Jordan, J.A. Käs
Stages of neuronal network formation
New J. Phys. 15, 025029 (2013)

M. Heidernätsch, M. Bauer, G. Radons
Characterizing N-dimensional anisotropic Brownian motion by the distribution of diffusivities
J. Chem. Phys. 139, 184105 (2013)

T. Albers, G. Radons
Subdiffusive continuous time random walks and weak ergodicity breaking analyzed with the distribution of generalized diffusivities
EPL 102, 40006 (2013)

S. Krause, M. Hartmann, I. Kahle, M. Neumann, M. Heidernätsch, S. Spange, C. von Borczyskowski
Optical tracking of single Ag clusters in nanostructured water films
J. Phys. Chem. C 117, 24822–24829 (2013)

D. Täuber, C. von Borczyskowski
Single molecule studies on dynamics in liquid crystals
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 14, 19506–19525 (2013)

F. Gerlach, D. Täuber, C. von Borczyskowski
Correlated blinking via time dependent energy transfer in single CdSe quantum dot-eye nanoassemblies
Chem. Phys. Lett. 572, 90–95 (2013)

D. Täuber, I. Trenkmann, C. von Borczyskowski
Influence of van der Waals interactions on morphology and dynamics in ultrathin liquid films at silicon oxide interfaces
Langmuir 29, 3583–3593 (2013)

N. Laohakunakorn, O. Otto, S. Sturm, K. Kroy, U.F. Keyser
Dynamic single-molecule force spectroscopy using optical tweezers and nanopores
Proc. of SPIE 8810, 88101F-2 (2013)

O. Otto, S. Sturm, N. Laohakunakorn, U.F. Keyser, K. Kroy
Rapid internal contraction boosts DNA friction
Nature Commun. 4, 1780 (2013)

R. Schneider, T. Glaser, M. Berndt, S. Diez
Using a quartz paraboloid for versatile wide-field TIR microscopy with sub-nanometer localization accuracy
Optics Express 21, 3523–3539 (2013)

I. Semenov, S. Raafatnia, M. Sega, V. Lobaskin, C. Holm, F. Kremer
Electrophoretic mobility and charge inversion of a colloidal particle studied by single-colloid electrophoresis and molecular dynamics simulations
Phys. Rev. E 87, 022302 (2013)

M. Selmke, F. Cichos
Photothermal single particle Rutherford scattering microscopy
Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 103901 (2013)

M. Selmke, F. Cichos
Photonic Rutherford scattering: A classical and quantum mechanical analogy in ray- and wave-optics
Am. J. Phys. 81, 405–413 (2013)

M. Selmke, M. Braun, R. Schachoff, F. Cichos
Photothermal Signal Distribution Analysis (PhoSDA)
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 13, 4250–4257 (2013)

B. Qian, D. Montiel, A. Bregulla, F. Cichos, H. Yang
Harnessing thermal fluctuations for purposeful activities: the manipulation of single micro-swimmers by adaptive photon nudging
Chem. Sci. 4, 1420–1429 (2013)

A. Czogalla, E.P. Petrov, D.J. Kauert, V. Uzunova, Y. Zhang, R. Seidel, P. Schwille
Switchable domain partitioning and diffusion of DNA origami rods on membranes
Faraday Discuss. 161, 31–43 (2013)

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