Publications 2011

D. Kondrashova, M. Dvoyashkin, R. Valiullin
Structural characterization of porous solids by simultaneously monitoring the low-temperature phase equilibria and diffusion of intrapore fluids using nuclear magnetic resonance
New J. Phys. 13, 015008 (2011)

M. Bauer, R. Valiullin, G. Radons, J. Kärger
How to compare diffusion processes assessed by single-particle tracking and pulsed field gradient nuclear magnetic resonance
J. Chem. Phys. 135, 144118 (2011)

S. Adhikari, M. Selmke, F. Cichos
Temperature dependent single molecule rotational dynamics in PMA
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 13, 1849–1856 (2011)

D. Chakraborty, M.V. Gnann, D. Rings, J. Glaser, F. Otto, F. Cichos, K. Kroy
Generalized Einstein relation for hot Brownian motion
EPL 96, 60009 (2011)

D. Rings, M. Selmke, F. Cichos, K. Kroy
Theory of hot Brownian motion
Soft Matter 7, 3441–3452 (2011)

B. Schulz, D. Täuber, J. Schuster, T. Baumgärtel, C. von Borczyskowski
Influence of mesoscopic structures on single molecule dynamics in thin smectic liquid crystal films
Soft Matter 7, 7431–7440 (2011)

S. Krause, P.F. Aramendia, D. Täuber, C. von Borczyskowski
Freezing single molecule dynamics on interfaces and in polymers
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 13, 1754–1761 (2011)

J. Ehrig, E.P. Petrov, P. Schwille
Near-critical fluctuations and cytoskeleton-assisted phase separation lead to subdiffusion in cell membranes
Biophys. J. 100, 80–89 (2011)

J. Ehrig, E.P. Petrov, P. Schwille
Phase separation and near-critical fluctuations in two-component lipid membranes: Monte Carlo simulations on experimentally relevant scales
New J. Phys. 13, 045019 (2011)

S. Alonso, U. Dietrich, C. Händel, J.A. Käs, M. Bär
Oscillations in the lateral pressure of lipid monolayers induced by nonlinear chemical dynamics of the second messengers MARCKS and protein kinase C
Biophys. J. 100, 939–947 (2011)

U. Dietrich, P. Krüger, J.A. Käs
Structural investigation on the absorption of the MARCKS peptide on anionic lipid monolayers — effects beyond electrostatic
Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 164, 266–275 (2011)

M. Dvoyashkin, E.E. Romanova, W. -D. Einicke, R. Gläser, J. Kärger, R. Valiullin
Diffusion of cyclohexane in native and surface-modified mesoporous glasses
Adsorption 17, 93–99 (2011)

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