Inaugural lecture by Junior professor Dr. Paul Lehmann

On December 3, the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Leipzig invited to the public inaugural lecture of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Paul Lehmann to junior professor of economics, especially environmental and energy economics. After the welcoming speech by the dean Prof. Dr. Uwe Vollmer and the greeting speech by Prof. Dr. Erik Gawel Dr. Paul Lehmann spoke about the topic “If renewable energy is not always sustainable: how can trade offs in the energy transition be solved?

During his presentation, Paul Lehmann illustrated that the state-subsidized expansion of renewable energies is a central component of the German energy transition and thus makes an important contribution to environmental and climate protection. However, the use of renewable energies also leads to sustainability conflicts. The political framework conditions must therefore be designed in such a way that the expansion of renewable energies is as cost-effective, secure, socially and environmentally compatible as possible.

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