SoftKollP: the first portable biosensor for quantitative field monitoring of anthropogenic contaminants in the environment, (eurostars, BMBF, link) eurostars+BMBF logo
A biomimetic extracellular matrix model to reveal changes of invasive phenotypes of breast cancer cells at tissue interfaces (Deutsche Krebshilfe, link) Deutsche Krebshilfe Logo
STARK-Projekt: Aufbau eines interfaktultären Zentrums für Bioaktive Materie (b-ACTmatter) an der Universität Leipzig, link, (BMWK, SAB) BMWK Logo
Engineering and understanding self-sustaining, structured phototrophic microbial communities in hydrogels and biofilms for biocatalytic applications (DFG, link) DFG Logo
ZIM-Projekt: Entwicklung eines Schnelltests zur Vor-Ort-Analyse von Trink- und Oberflächenwasser auf endokrin wirksame Spurenstoffe, (BMWK, link) BMWK Logo
REPLACER: Recycling plastic and developing hybrid living materials by capturing greenhouse gases to produce value-added products, (, link)
LigNylon: Electrochemical hydrogenation of lignin-derived mixtures of aromatic compounds for microbial synthesis of Nylon monomers, (transfun, link)
ZIM-Projekt: Entwicklung und Untersuchung eines hochsensitiven, visuellen Schnelltests von Sulfonamid-Antibiotika in der Umweltanalytik auf Basis weicher Hydrogel-Mikropartikel, (BMWK, link) BMWK Logo
LivMat: Productive catalytic living materials: combining 3D biobased fibrillar membranes with synthetic microbial consortia to produce chemicals, (, link)
AI-assisted resource-efficient production of the antifibrinolytic ε-aminocaproic acid and bio-nylon, (JTF/SAB) EU+SAB

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