Mission: The Biophysical Chemistry group at the Institute of Biochemistry of Leipzig University focuses on biomaterials approaches for engineering cellular microevironments and new particle-based biosensor. We design new biomimetic extracellular microenvironments based on synthetic and naturally derived polymers to vary topology and mechanics of these matrices, the distribution and mobility of ligands as well as the mode of cytokine presentation and transport. Based on the biophysical and biochemical characterization of these matrices and the induced cellular responses, we support a systemic understanding of exogenous cell signals, the development of in vitro assays for biomedical studies to reduce animal experiments.
In a second research area we apply develop hydrogel-microparticle based biosensors for the detection of anthropogenic analytes in aqueous environments. A large range of analytes including pesticides, xenohormones and antibiotics are trageted for cheap, on-site and highly sensitive readouts.