I am a third year PhD student at the University of Leipzig, working as a research assistant in the DFG funded graduate programme (Graduiertenkolleg) IGRA (Interaction of Grammatical Building Blocks/Interaktion grammatischer Bausteine). The research program deals with the phonology, morphology and syntax of natural languages and focuses on grammatical building blocks (i.e., rules, operations, constraints, schemata, extralinguistic factors) that restrict the distributions of linguistic expressions.

Research interests

My main research interests deal with syntax, morphology and their interface.

Topics, I'm especially interested in:
  • German (dialect) syntax/morphology (passives, compounds, coordinated structures, ...)
  • syntax-morphology mismatches
  • replicative processes in grammar
  • the nature of elementary syntactic operations
  • local modeling of non-local dependencies
  • argument encoding by case and agreement
Topics, I'm currently working on, are:
  • unexpected case concord in German A-N-N compounds
  • asymmetric coordination in German
  • R-Pronoun replication in German dialects


April, 5th 2016:
The new LAB-volume Linguistische Arbeitsberichte 93 is online! Edited by IGRA students.

March, 3rd 2015:
The IGRA PhD students give the introductory course LaTEX for linguists at the Doktorandenforum at the 37th annual meeting of the DGfS.

The course is free for all interested.