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Courses Currently Running

Statistical Mechanics of Deep Learning (SS 21)

Theoretical Physics 3 - Classical Mechanics 2 and Electrodynamics 2 (12-PHY-BIPTP3, WS 20/21)

Advanced Quantum Mechanics (12-PHY-MWPT1, WS 20/21)

Previous Courses

WPB 2: Advanced Statistical Mechanics
(12-PHY-BIPT2, SS 2020)

Hauptseminar: Deep Learning for Physics

Theoretical Physics 2 - Electrodynamics 1 (12-PHY-BIPTP2, SS 20)

Hauptseminar: Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Hauptseminar: Physics of Quantum Computing

Hauptseminar: Topological Phenomena in Condensed Matter Theory

WPB 2: Advanced Quantum Mechanics
(12-PHY-MWPT1, WS 19/20)

WPB 2: Advanced Statistical Physics
(12-PHY-MWPT2, SS 19)

WPB 2: Advanced Statistical Physics
(12-PHY-MWPT2, SS 18)