OCP21 in Leipzig

OCP21 in Leipzig

The 21st Old World Conference in Phonology (OCP21) will be held in person in Leipzig (Germany), on February 14 - February 16, 2024. It is hosted by the Department of Linguistics, Leipzig University. OCP21 will span over three days and is accompanied by the satellite workshop Tone in Grammar, which will take place on February 13.

History of the OCP

OCP is an annual event gathering researchers specializing in phonology and related fields, interested in both theoretical and experimental issues. It was founded in 2003 by a group of linguists from the Leiden University Center for Linguistics and the Meertens Institute, and has since grown into an international forum attended by both senior and junior linguists. Since then, OCP has been hosted in different places mainly in Europe: Warsaw, Verona, London, Düsseldorf, Budapest, Barcelona, Leiden, Istanbul, Berlin, Marrakech, Nice, Edinburgh, Toulouse, Rhodes, Budapest, Tromsø, Amsterdam, Leiden, Eivissa, Donostia/San Sebastian and Tours.


Dinner on Feb 15: Dinner will take place at Zhang Zhang
Rachel Walker's slides are here

Organizing Committee

Armel Jolin, Katie McCann, Marie-Luise Popp, Razieh Shojaei, Galya Sim, Sören E. Tebay, Jochen Trommer, Eva Zimmermann

If you have any problems or questions regarding any aspect of the OCP21, please send an email