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What If?
Randall Munroe

What If? answers hilariously abstract and specific questions using a strictly scientific approach. Have you ever wondered what would really happen if our planet stopped spinning? Or how many Lego pieces it would take to build a Lego bridge between London and New York? Now you’ll get your answers! The chapters are short and sweet, embellished with humorous and insightful sketches.

Because every chapter discusses a new question, the book is absolutely suited to be read in excerpts. Students could also discuss questions in a classroom or group setting before reading the chapters, thereby incorporating their own ideas. What If? would also make a wonderful addition to any interdisciplinary teaching project related to Physics, Math or Chemistry as it applies abstract concepts in a unique and engaging way.

· · 2014

Critical edition

Munroe, Randall. What If?. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. 320 pp., ISBN 9781848549562

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