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Watership Down
Richard Adams

This anthropomorphic novel full of rabbits tells the tale of social unrest, community and hope, all kick-started by man-made environmental destruction. Fiver, a young rabbit with a sixth sense, is part of the Sandleford warren. He starts having disturbing visions of his home’s destruction and, along with his older brother Hazel, tries, to no avail, to convince the chief rabbit to evacuate. The siblings take off together with 9 other members, struggling to avoid the guards of their warren that are suspecting an uprising. Under the leadership of Hazel, the group navigates the woods and farmhouses, recruiting does along the way in hopes of building a new community at Watership Down (Fiver’s vision of their new home). However, their encounters with the police state Efrefa and its dictator lead to a gruesome battle in their newfound territory.

The novel is suited for interdisciplinary teaching in subjects such as Politics and Ethics.

· · 1972

Critical edition

Adams, Richard. Watership Down. Penguin, 2012. 496 pp., ISBN 9780241953235

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