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Treasure Island
Robert Louis Stevenson

This coming-of-age adventure novel from the Victorian era follows young Jim Hawkins on his seafaring treasure-hunting endeavours.

By chance, Jim Hawkins acquires a map of an island leading to a hidden treasure. It belonged to the infamous pirate Captain Flint, who stored his valuables on the island. Jim and a few others subsequently undertake the journey to seek the treasure getting on board with a crew many of whom later turn out to be pirates formerly under Captain Flint. This revelation results in a cat and mouse game remaining thrilling throughout the whole story.

This all-time classic is a wonderful example of 19th-century adventure literature which surely provided a break from strict Victorian values. The adventurous appeal of a treasure and the notion of desire and the journey as a reward, but also the dangerous path of greed is explored here.
The novel is in the public domain.

· · 1883

Critical edition

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Treasure Island. Penguin, 2016. 336 pp., ISBN 9780141374192

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