Toronto at Dreamer’s Rock & Education is Our Right



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Toronto at Dreamer’s Rock & Education is Our Right
Drew Hayden Taylor

These two one-act plays by award-winning author Drew Hayden Taylor on belonging, identity, hope, tradition and modern life examine the past, present and the future of the Canadian First Nations from a teenage perspective. Toronto at Dreamer’s Rock follows teenage boy Rusty to the spiritual place of his ancestors. While sipping his beer at Dreamer’s Rock, he all at once has a vision, in which he meets Michael, a boy from the future and Keesic, a boy from the past, both First Nations themselves. What does it mean to have an indigenous background? Together, they reflect upon changes and challenges, tradition and belonging. Education is Our Right contextualises the 2% cap on higher education funding for Aboriginal students in the 1990s. Similar to Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the spirits of Education point out to the Minister of Indian Affairs that his decision will not close the significant gap between Aboriginal people who have a college/university education compared to the rest of Canadian society.

A variety of teaching materials are available on the internet, as both texts are taught at Canadian high schools.

· · 1990

Critical edition

Taylor, Drew Hayden. Toronto at Dreamer's Rock & Education is Our Right. Fifth House, 2011. 139 pp., ISBN 9780920079645

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  • Award-winning
  • Beyond the US and the UK
  • Intercultural perspectives
  • Silenced voices
  • Students can identify with the text