To Kill a Mockingbird



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To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee

A young-adult novel about racism, injustice and prejudice in the American South. The story is told from the perspective of the six-year-old girl ‘Scout’, who lives with her father, a lawyer, and her younger brother in a small town in Alabama during the time of the Great Depression. It is a peaceful summer until Tim Robinson, an African American resident, is falsely accused of raping a white woman. Scout’s father Atticus agrees to defend Mr Robison in court – but the community turns against him and his client.

As the novel touches upon ethical, historical and political topics an interdisciplinary teaching project with Ethics, Politics, History and Social Science is possible.

· · 1960

Critical edition

Lee, Harper. To Kill a Mockingbird. Arrow, 2010. 320 pp., ISBN 9780099549482

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  • Award-winning
  • Classic
  • Democratic and political education
  • Explores historical contexts
  • Intercultural perspectives
  • Interdisciplinary or cross-curricular teaching
  • Silenced voices
  • Students can identify with the text
  • Recommended by a federal state: Hesse

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