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The New LiBEARian
Alex Willmore and Alison Donald

This lovely picture book tells the empowering story of a library visit and a bear who escapes from its book. One day, when the children visit the library to listen to the wonderful storytelling of Miss Merryweather, the librarian is missing. Looking for her, they find a rather hairy but friendly liBEARian who tells them an exciting story about bears, just before the librarian returns…

The heart-warming story is suitable for a cross-curricular project on literature and reading in cooperation with your local library or book store.

/ · · 2016

Critical edition

Donald, Alison and Alex Willmore. The New LiBEARian. Maverick, 2016. 32 pp., ISBN 9780544973657

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  • Award-winning
  • Interdisciplinary or cross-curricular teaching
  • Silenced voices