The Midnight Library



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The Midnight Library
Matt Haig

Nora Seed has been unhappy in life for a long time. When the last sources of happiness fall away, she attempts to take her life; only to end up in a magical library. The librarian explains that this library will let her undo all her regrets in life and “try out” other versions of her life. If she finds one she is fully content with, she can stay there permanently. This search leads to many different paths and lifestyles, from suddenly being a glaciologist to an Olympic swimmer. But does the “perfect life” even exist?

This fantasy novel can be read as a whole or in excerpts, examining and analyzing specific stories. Students should be warned that the plot contains content surrounding suicide and depression. However, it addresses themes like mental health in a respectful and approachable way that could lead to important classroom conversations.

· · 2020

Critical edition

Haig, Matt. The Midnight Library. Canongate, 2020. 336 pp., ISBN 9781786892720

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In favour of this entry

  • Addresses current affairs
  • Award-winning
  • Students can identify with the text

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  • Audiobook