The Maze Runner



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The Maze Runner
Wes Ball

The Maze Runner is a science-fiction film based on the novel by the same name, the first of a trilogy. The story follows 16-year-old Thomas, who wakes up in a moving elevator with no memory of who he is. The mysterious elevator delivers him to a patch of land in the middle of a maze. There, he is greeted by many other boys, who were sent to the maze like him and, over time, built their own functioning society. However, unable to accept his new situation Thomas joins the Maze Runners, a group of boys who map the maze in an attempt to find a way out. This proves to be a challenge, as the maze changes everyday and is inhabited by terrifying creatures.

The film can be viewed as a whole, or in excerpts to compare to classics like Lord of the Flies. The Maze Runner is a good example of a science-fiction dystopian movie and can be used to discuss themes like disasters, society, surveillance, psychology and interpersonal relationships.

· · 2014

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Maze Runner. Directed by Wes Ball. 20th Century Fox, 2014. 113 min., FSK 12, Website

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