The Devil’s Arithmetic



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The Devil’s Arithmetic
Jane Yolen

In this time-flip novel, preteen Hannah Stern is sick and tired of her relatives’ stories about the past. But when she is transported back to 1942 to a village in Poland she faces the harsh reality of those stories. She, along with the village’s Jews, is abducted by Nazis. After being brought to a concentration camp, Hannah already knows the horrors to come.

The theme of time-travel allows the students to identify with the protagonist within the historical context. The novel is suited for interdisciplinary teaching, together with subjects such as History or Ethics.

· · 1988

Critical edition

Yolen, Jane. Devil's Arithmetic. Paw Prints Reprint Edition, 2008. 176 pp., ISBN 9781435247895

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In favour of this entry

  • Award-winning
  • Democratic and political education
  • Explores historical contexts
  • Students can identify with the text