The Beast of Buckingham Palace



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The Beast of Buckingham Palace
David Walliams

This dystopian adventure novel about bravery, friendship and courage follows the twelve-year-old Prince Alfred. The story is set in future Britain, to be precise in the year 2120 – environmental pollution lead to most devastating effects of climate change: melting ice cabs, violent earthquakes and volcano eruptions that darken the sky over London: “The kingdom was plunged into an ETERNAL WINTER.” Prince Alfred, young royal and book enthusiast, who never knew a life outside the Buckingham Palace must face the unsettling realities of his time. When his mother, the queen, is abducted by a mysterious creature roaming the halls, he knows he must venture out into the streets of London to save her.

// · · 2019

Critical edition

Walliams, David; Ross, Tony. The Beast of Buckingham Palace. Harper Collins UK, 2019. 461 pp., ISBN 9780008385644

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