Rappaccini’s Daughter



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Rappaccini’s Daughter
Nathaniel Hawthorne

This Gothic short story contrasts inner and outer monstrosity, and, going along with that, also focuses on moral values and the view on what is different. The young student Giovanni moves into an apartment in Padua, with windows that are opening to a beautiful garden. Said garden seems to consist of poisonous flowers and is tended by the scientist Rappaccini and his daughter. Giovanni becomes obsessed with Rappaccini’s daughter, who is an experiment of her father – and just like the plants poisonous. When Giovanni finds out about this, his behaviour changes very suddenly.

Comparable with Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeRappaccini’s Daughter is an interesting addition when discussing Gothic Literature. Also, it is in the public domain.

· · 1844

Critical edition

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. “Rappaccini's Daughter.” Selected Tales and Sketches, Penguin Classics, 1987, pp. 386–420. 480 pp., ISBN 9780140390575

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