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Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens

A social problem novel on changes and challenges in industrialised England – following ‘the progress of a parish boy’ from London’s impoverished underworld to a fortunate life. Growing up in a workhouse, the orphan Oliver asked for more food and is sold to an undertaker to become his apprentice. Oliver runs away and travels to London, where he encounters the Artful Dodger, his gang of pickpockets and Fagin – mentor and mastermind of the thieves – who wants to turn him into a criminal.

· · 1839

Critical edition

Dickens, Charles. Oliver Twist. Penguin, 2012. 516 pp., ISBN 9780141198880

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  • Addresses current affairs
  • Charged with meaning
  • Classic
  • Explores historical contexts
  • Recommended by a federal state: Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate

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