Not Sparking Joy: A Zits Treasury

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Not Sparking Joy: A Zits Treasury
Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman

Making its debut in 1997, Zits comics narrate the everyday life of 15-year-old Jeremy; a teenager living in Ohio. But suburban life and high school come with their own set of problems, including but not limited to parents, school and girls. Whether it be about the embarrassment that parents are to teens or the other way around, there’s something for everyone in this giggle-inducing comic series!

Due to its illustrations and relatability, the comic series is great for a multitude of grades and various language levels. A wonderful way to get students talking would be discussing a comic strip with a partner at the start of a lesson. Other activities could include blanking out speech bubbles and letting students fill them in or having them draw what they think happens next. There is an endless array of possibilities, which makes comics so versatile (and fun)!

· · 2019

Critical edition

Borgman, Jim; Scott, Jerry. Not Sparking Joy: A Zits Treasury. Andrews & McMeel; Illustrated Edition, 2019. 208 pp., ISBN 9781524851767

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  • Award-winning
  • Students can identify with the text