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Mad Libs
Leonard Stern and Robert Price

Mad Libs is a game that shows how a simple concept can lead to endless possibilities. Each page of a Mad Libs booklet offers a new story in the shape of a “fill in the blanks” text. Behind each gap, you’re told what kind of a word is supposed to fill it: an adverb, a name, a verb, etc. Therefore, the game consists of one player asking the other player(s) for words to fill in the blanks while not revealing the story yet. When all the gaps have been filled, the story can be read aloud. Laughs are a given!

This game can be played in pretty much any grade because of its flexibility. It can be used as a creative exercise or as a revision of certain word groups such as adverbs. There is no set number of players needed, but playing in pairs or small groups works best so everyone can have multiple turns. Got a holiday English lesson coming up? Why not spice things up with a Christmas or Halloween themed Mad Libs?

· · 1958

Critical edition

Stern, Leonard; Price, Robert. The Original #1 Mad Libs. Penguin Random House, 1974. 48 pp., ISBN 9780843100556

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