Last Night at the Telegraph Club



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Last Night at the Telegraph Club
Malinda Lo

17-year-old Lily Hu wasn’t planning on falling in love. 1954’s San Francisco isn’t a safe place for two young women in love, and the Red Scare makes society’s prejudice against Chinese Americans more prevalent than ever. As the daughter of a Chinese-American immigrant, Lily worries for her father, the threat of deportation constantly looming over them. But, when Lily meets Kathleen at a lesbian bar called The Telegraph Club, all other worries are momentarily forgotten. This work of historical fiction tells the beautiful love story of two young women willing to risk everything to stay true to themselves.

· · 2021

Critical edition

Lo, Malinda. Last Night at the Telegraph Club. Penguin LCC US, 2021. 416 pp., ISBN 9780525555254

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  • Award-winning
  • Intercultural perspectives
  • Students can identify with the text