Keep it in the Family



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Keep it in the Family
Anna Fine

This is a small children’s book with three short stories concerning daily situations worth thinking about more deeply.
The first is about William who is teased by his classmates with the nickname ‘darling’ his father likes to call him. When he has to move on to the next school, he is worried his father will continue to call him ‘darling’ denying him a fresh start. Thus, he tries to sort things out with him which turns out to be quite challenging.
The second story concerns the daily challenges and struggles of mother and child and focuses on the importance of wearing someone else’s shoes and not only considering one’s own view.
In the third story, a young girl fights for a ban on smoking in buses and in the presence of children in general.

· · 1996

Critical edition

Fine, Anne. Keep it in the Family. Penguin, 1996. 57 pp., ISBN 9780146003257

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