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Jurassic Park
Steven Spielberg

Jurassic Park is the first installment of the science-fiction franchise of the same name. On the fictional island Isla Nublar, wealthy businessman John Hammond has created a wildlife-park like none other. His team of geneticists manages to bring formerly extinct dinosaurs back to life through the help of prehistoric mosquitos and cloning. When an employee of the park is killed by a Velociraptor, a team of investigators is brought into the park to evaluate its safety. But when disaster strikes, the team, along with Hammond’s grandchildren, must do everything to survive and escape the island.

This film leaves room for discussions about the ethics of genetic engineering and could be used in an interdisciplinary project in collaboration with subjects like Ethics, Philosophy or Biology.

· · 1993

Critical edition

Jurassic Park. Directed by Steven Spielberg, Universal Pictures, 1993. 128 min., FSK 12

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