I Talk Like a River



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I Talk Like a River
Jordan Scott

“This is how I speak. Even the river stutters. Like I do.”

This beautifully illustrated children’s book tells the story of a young boy finding his voice. Struggling with stuttering, he feels uncomfortable speaking in front of the class. He finds comfort in driving out to the river with his father, where he’s told that the way he speaks is like a river… not static, but ever-changing and unique. This analogy helps him find pride in the way he is and face his fear of public speaking.

The illustrations in this book help convey the feelings of the protagonist and the overall atmosphere of the story. The story is suitable for young readers, however also relatable to students of all ages. The themes addressed in the book can open up discussions all about emotions, family, school and mental health!

/ · · 2020

Critical edition

Scott, Jordan; Smith, Sydney. I Talk Like a River. Neal Porter Books, Illustrated Edition, 2020. 40 pp., ISBN 9780823445592

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