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Hidden Figures
Theodore Melfi

A film biography about segregation, discrimination and achievement, which is based on a true strory following three black women at NASA during the space race in the 1960s. In order to get the first US-American safely into space, these women bravely face both racism and sexism, at the workplace and beyond.

This movie is suited for interdisciplinary teaching with regard to History and Social Studies.

· · 2016

Critical edition

Hidden Figures. Directed by Theodore Melfi, 20th Century Fox, 2016. 127 min., FSK 0

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In favour of this entry

  • Democratic and political education
  • Gender equality
  • Interdisciplinary or cross-curricular teaching
  • Silenced voices
  • Students can identify with the text

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  • Audiobook
  • Easy-reading edition
  • Novel