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William Shakespeare

A Shakespearean tragedy from Early Modernism / Renaissance about madness, revenge, political intrigues, love and loss. The king of Denmark is dead, and soon his widow Gertrud marries Claudius, the former king’s brother. Prince Hamlet is depressed because of his father’s death and angry at his mother for remarrying so quickly. One night his father’s ghost appears to him and tells him that he was murdered by Claudius. To find out whether this is true, Hamlet hires a group of actors to stage a play about regicide at the court. When Claudius leaves the room in the middle of the play, Hamlet concludes that it was, in fact, Claudius who poisoned his father. He seeks revenge, but Claudius and others have plans of their own to get rid of the prince.

· · 1603

Critical edition

Shakespeare, William. Hamlet. Edited by Alan Sinfield, Penguin Classics, 2015. 400 pp., ISBN 9780141396507

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