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Thomas Kail

Made up of two acts, the musical Hamilton narrates the life of Alexander Hamilton. Set in 1776 during the American Revolution, the plot follows Hamilton working as George Washington’s assistant as well as his courtship of Eliza Schuyler. After the war he goes on to become the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, fulfilling his dream of building a legacy. However, following an affair with Maria Reynolds and the death of his son, the musical ends in tragedy.

As it is based on historical events, this musical is a wonderful introduction to certain aspects of American history, in this case the American Revolution. Therefore, “Hamilton” has potential for interdisciplinary teaching in the subjects of History and Music! Musicals can of course be watched in its entirety or, in case you’re running short on time, also viewed in excerpts. Specific songs can be analyzed or discussed afterwards with the help of lyrics.

/ · · 2020

Critical edition

Hamilton. Directed by Thomas Kail, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, 2020. 160 min., FSK 6

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